Naruto World: The Spoils

I usually don’t read many manga. Read some and quit A few short stories don’t count. Long stories like Reborn, Bleach, Soul Eater. There will be a place to read from start to finish, it would be Dragonball as a kid, something we read regularly like Marvel / DC comics, it never ends. Forget about the feeling of reading something that we’ve read since childhood and have known it for many years. Frightening as well It feels like watching a series of episodes, or watching Lord of the Rings until the end of the third part, so sad.

I’ve known Naruto since elementary school. At that time I was young Did not read manga According to the anime-only style Until the end of the period Sasuke fled from the village Who are lazy waiting for a TV cartoon Let’s go find it and read it. I can’t read it immediately. Then go read and scan in advance on the net Than each episode comes Wait for each other Wait for the lazy to come up again and then finally stop reading.

Until it’s finally over. Naruto, whose story has been running for many years, will come to an end. Therefore got auspicious time to sit back and read together again Because it is this person Watching the series is too lazy to sit and collect each episode. Like watching for a long time, let’s finish the season. The latest book week, Nation, he made a box set for sale. So had the opportunity to arrange It turned out that the job was all gone. Therefore had to order it to be delivered to the house Which will be spent for a full month I am confused. Okay, I ordered something from outside or in the country. But that’s not the point. When the item came promptly Dragged a chair beside the sofa Open the box, sit and read like a marathon. Which could not be called a marathon Because I read, watch movies, go to play games, and read something else.

Overall, it is good. It follows a typical manga formula. Old cliche. Orphan hero. Good guy. A lot of friends. Master of friendship power. Usually, when meeting a character like this, Ian go. But probably because we’ve been watching this since childhood. Therefore I feel a connection with the characters The plot stretches according to the nature One fight ate two volumes of content The content does not stand still. Evolves with the growth of the characters The scale of the story keeps getting bigger. At first look like a ninja Back and forth, ’em exploding mountains and burning huts until I thought I was reading Dragon Ball. Mountain slash exploded, it shouldn’t be a ninja. Yeah, but it was spectacularly good hahahahaha

But the writing seat Not going to review Is that I want to complain, I want to vent very much, please say it. So annoyed Sasuke Admit it is cool He’s the coolest character in the entire story. But the habit is really messing with feet We understand his character, his motives and ideas, but it turns out to be silly. It wasn’t a kid in trouble, but it was a great ‘asshole’. Sakura was there. How many times will it be killed by him? In the end, how did you end up together?

The Naruto couple – Hinata are not compatible at all. The role of trying to Dan Hinata, really. Is not a heroine But must try to push up and stand alongside the hero like Naruto But it doesn’t have enough power for people to read. (Or maybe just me alone, I don’t know). Get in with it. Hinana will always come with the same joke. From the Junin exam to the Ninja War Is to push myself to fight I’ll be able to stand with Naruto. In the beginning it is ok. But when you play it over and over again, it’s not. Well, Hinata is not as good as Naruto. When he was standing next to it, he went out of his way. Like when fighting Payne in Konoha Wanted to help him stand with him, jumped in to help But was knocked out injured Let Naruto be mad. During the Ninja War, he was a good old man, but this time he looked better, he was able to shake hands and motivate his friends And that’s it The situation returned to its original state. Continue to be driven by the cheaters Which really took Naruto to end with Sakura, it seemed to be more work No matter how much Sakura chases Sasuke But the person who stayed by Sakura for the whole trip was Naruto.

Neji’s death is so sad.

Last book Naruto vs. Sasuke, one more time. The fact that Sasuke is so annoying When he finally got back, he was very comfortable. What a delight is the 700 episode, which is the last episode. It is the epilogue that can be used. It is also gratifying. Saw direction Long-established character growth Unfortunately, it’s a little short. And there are still many characters not mentioned Chief Yamato Mae was gone. I like you. Cool.

The thing that I want to complain and want to vent very much is during the last 10 Ninja War. Understand that it is climax The final arc of the series is coming to an end. It must be simply magnificent. But it came out too messy.

There must be some twists and turns, usually moderately. But too much is not good. Like Naruto, this is where you play. This is the story of the big boss of the story, the audience. The big boss of Akatsuki at first was Penn. I thought that it must be very good. Keep it for use as the big boss at the end. But it turns out that Tobi is a manipulator. Then Tobi replied that it was Uchiha Madara, and she replied that Tobi was not Madara. But it’s Obito And she replied that Obito worked for the real Madara again. Then she replied that Madara was manipulated by Black Setu again. And she again revealed that Zetsu Black was working for Kaguya. What other surprises will you be like? How many will you manipulate? Do you pity people read some dick? You give the main villain an Obito, I guess that’s okay.

It is that the Naruto world has a back story or a lore, like the six path masters or the Kaguya goddess, it is normal for this kind of manga. But it doesn’t have to be used in the end. Let it be a legend Has been brought up to tell in the stories from time to time No need to dig up these characters to meet Naruto. More serious