Naruto Synopsis

Twelve years before the beginning of Naruto. There is a demon called “Nine-tailed fox” attacked Cocoa village. It hurts a lot of people. Fourth generation Hokage, the leader of Konoha Village He sacrificed his life and sealed a nine-tailed fox demon named “Uzumaki Naruto”.

According to the Third edition of the Hokage Law, no one can talk about the attacks of the Nine-Tailed Foxes.
As a result, Naruto himself did not know that there was a fox demon in him. Including the reason why the people of the village looked at him with hateful eyes

A year later, the retiring Ninja Mizuki has used him to steal the forbidden scroll. In exchange for teaching him a secret ninja But it was not successful Teacher Iruka His homeroom teacher blocked him and was seriously injured. Mizuki told the truth about the Nine-Tailed Fox in him. So he used the ninja technique to create a separate figure. Spell split thousand body shadow From the forbidden word Defeat Mizuki

After graduating from Ninja Elementary School Naruto to receive blood screening to join the team with the eternal opponent Ichiva Sasuke and Haruno Sakura by the team name “Team 7” under the command of Hatake Kakashi, the team teacher he

Every team of ninja in the village They are paid after completing missions such as being a bodyguard or doing housework after they have completed a fair amount of missions. Kakashi’s teacher gives permission for Team 7. Take the Ninja Exam to get promoted to a higher level of Ninja and take part in more difficult missions.

During the exam, Orochimaru attacks Konoha. And killed Hokage 3rd generation, that is why Jiraiya One of the three legendary ninjas Has set out to find his teammate Tsunade. To become the fifth Hokage, Orochimaru used that time to build a new container and bring Sasuke as his container. He convinces Sasuke that it will make him stronger and will make him kill his brother Itachi, who has successfully murdered the family. Tsunade arranged a team of ninjas for Naruto to bring Sasuke back to the village. But Naruto cannot bring Sasuke back. Naruto won’t give up He spent two and a half years training himself with Teacher Jiraiya. To prepare to meet with Sasuke again.

After training An evil organization called Sunlight tries to capture the nine-tailed fox that lurks inside Naruto’s body.The ninjas, including Team 7, join forces with the members of the Osa. And search for Sasuke Although they can protect Gaara The power of static body, one tail can hold But the U Saengs were able to successfully capture the energy of the other seven bodies at the same time Sasuke betrays Orochimaru and goes to revenge against Itachi. After Itachi died Sasuke learns the truth from Uchiha Madara that Hokage ordered Itachi to kill the family. He was devastated and joined the Saeng Organization to defeat Konoha Village Leader.

While the members of the Saengan are defeating the Kono-Apen ninjas, the leader of his group destroys Konoha Village to capture Naruto. But Naruto was able to protect the village. After Pen died, Madara announced that she would capture the nine tailed creatures. And will create a new super-tailed beast The leaders of the five major villages agreed to face Madara. Resulting in a new ninja war During the army of Madara And tribe from the five great regions
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