Naruto and a reflection on the security structure of the contemporary world

Naruto or in Thai translation name (By Nation Publishing) ‘Ninja spell ohhhh’ is another one of the legendary manga in Shonen Jump magazine. 1990s – 2000s where legendary manga emerges. (Naruto published in 1999 and ended in 2014) This Naruto story, personally, I might consider it one of the funniest opening manga manga. (Should definitely be attached to the top ten personally), although at the end of the day it may be out of the sea, some heavy mountains. The famous manga that many times have been ‘stretched not to finish’ for too long.

That is because I will try to limit the writing of this article to the middle of the story, that is, the fight against the Akatsuki group, not talking at the end of the story. As for those of you who may not yet know what Akatsuki is I would like to give permission to introduce you to know about Naruto, but in a nutshell.

Naruto is a famous manga written by Masashi Kishimoto in Japan’s biggest weekly manga magazine Shonen Jump. And the trend was good from the very beginning and by implicitly going to the ranks of one of the legendary manga Naruto is the third highest selling manga, second only to One Piece and Dragon Ball (estimated sales of 235 million copies worldwide), and as the Thai title translates to ‘ninja spell. Ohhh. That’s it. This is about ninjas.

However, Naruto is not a village talking about a secret ninja village. Or the secret spy and assassination unit under the command of the Daimyo (Lord of the City)? According to ninja manga or historical manga, it is often the same? But the ninja village in Naruto is almost the center of civilization in the manga universe. It is managed in a systematic manner. There is a clearly established and managed organization. There is a monitoring system working. Including the economic system within the city It’s the same as any major city in the world, just a large population of ninjas. Which will be divided according to various abilities, especially the ability to fight or military. And dedication to their ninja village: student ninja, general ninja (graduated ninja), genin (lower level ninja), junin (intermediate / general ninja), jonin (senior ninja), unbu (Special Assassination Squad), and Kage (Ninja Village Chief).

We can see that the ‘tier’ of ninja villages based on the Naruto story management system is very militaristic or military-based. Similar to the division of military ranks Dating from ancient times Such as foot soldiers, cadets, generals, or in modern times that are divided into hierarchy from conscripts to generals, which, if the most strictest is spoken, The case of this Naruto story It must be considered more military-based than military in the real world. Because the ranks of the military in the real world As in ancient times In many cases, there are positions that are inherited through the bloodline. Or in contemporary cases Many times, the rank also follows the age. Not only the ability Although the number of tribe has not been identified in each region, (Ninja village located in their own country) clearly But from the operation of the story I think the quantity in each region should be at the level of the military or the army of each country. If compared back to the scale of our world